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Affordable Life Insurance

People start thinking about purchasing life insurance and then quickly find out just how complicated it can be. To protect your family and your assets, you need expert advice and an insurance agency you can trust to find you the best possible insurance solutions. Here at J. Johnson Insurance, we have the experience, knowledge, and insurance connections to get you the very best policy at a rate that’s affordable.

Do I need life insurance?

Anyone residing in the state of Washington who has a spouse, dependents, mortgages, or a business is eligible for life insurance and it's strongly encouraged that you invest in it to protect yourself and your family. In the inevitable event of your death, the right insurance policy can ensure that the people who depend on you are taken care of and won't have to worry about any financial burdens. 
Life insurance policies in Clinton, WA

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Consider Your Options

There are two different types of life insurance to consider:
  • Term Life- This insurance provides specific coverage for a determined period of time to protect debt, loved ones and your children. Each new term needs to be renewed and qualified for based on your circumstances at the time and usually involves a rate increase.  
  • Whole Life- This type of insurance protects you for life and has fixed payments that do not increase with time. Whole life can be used in the retirement years as cash assets. In some cases, it can also provides cash assets to assist with long term care costs. Some policies even provide equity for loans.
Affordable life insurance policies in Clinton, WA
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